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EP Start to Finish: "Lake Oberon"

In this video, Dylan goes through the entire process of bringing a series of RAW files to life. Along the way, all of the techniques specific to this image are discussed along with brief mention of other possibilities. You will be provided with the same three RAW files that Dylan used in order to follow each step for yourself.

What you will need for this video to be effective for you:
  • 70 minutes of your time
  • Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom CC (or older versions compatible with Sony A7R2 RAW files)
  • A basic understanding of layer masks
  • A set of luminosity masks ( you can use Tony Kuyper’s TK Basic V6 panel of luminosity masks: ; Dylan has used his own generated masks in the tutorial).
  • An open mind to moderate levels of image manipulation!

This video will not be to your liking if:
  • You use Lightroom exclusively (90% of the work is done in Photoshop).
  • You do not believe in altering the colours and perspective of a scene.
  • You do not understand the concept of layer masks: masks are used extensively throughout the video in a basic to intermediate level.

What is discussed during the video:​
  • A rationale for photographing the scene
  • Very basic adjustments in Lightroom
  • Using Photoshop’s distort, warp, free transform and liquify tools
  • Use of luminosity masks to blend three images
  • Achieving tonal, temperature and textural contrast (the three Ts!) through various techniques
  • Brief discussion of the Orton effect, high pass filter and light painting.
  • Preparation of an image suitable for web use (2048px long edge).

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