Welcome to our website!

We would love to take you on a journey to the amazing places we have seen, so hopefully you have some time to spare. Come with us to see the breath-taking waterfalls of Iceland or maybe explore the ridgelines of Scotland's munroes. Take a virtual trek along the Annapurna Trail or witness the spectacular colours of the sunsets and sunrises in our home state of South Australia.

Wherever your journey takes you, we hope it is filled with amazement and wonder that such places exist in our world. That these places are an inspiration to us is an understatement and it is our wish to share it with you and others, until the time comes when nothing remains but these images to spark a faint memory - a legend - of magic and beauty unsurpassed on Earth.

Happy shooting and good light!
Dylan, Marianne, Charlotte & Jaime


Dylan is also an official brand ambassador for NiSi filters. If you have any enquiries about our equipment, feel free to leave us a message or visit NiSi Australia's official site: www.nisifilters.com.au .